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300 Series Brush Shredder


300-Series Brush Shredder is Vrisimo’s mid range flail brush shredder is perfect for light to medium sized brush. This machine ranges in size from 43”-7’. The shredder comes fully equipped with high horsepower components including a 90 H.P. gearbox, 70 H.P. PTO shaft, 3 5VX series belts and high capacity bearings.

Like all Vrisimo products, this machine is electronically balanced for smooth operation. This shredder also features an adjustable rear roller for height adjustment and rear pickup tines to keep brush cutting longer.

Get this shredder working in your vinyard or orchard today and start saving money.

-  Severe duty design, high H.P. components.
-  Electronically balanced cutter drums.
-  Adjustable rear roller, pick-up tines.
-  Category 1 & 2 adjustable hitch.
-  Heavy duty wheel kit optional.
-  Hydraulic side shift available.


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Model: S-300-43"

  Cutting Width 43"
  # of Knives 24
  H.P. Required 40

Model: S-300-5'

  Cutting Width 5'
  # of Knives 32
  H.P. Required 50

Model: S-300-6'

  Cutting Width 6'
  # of Knives 40
  H.P. Required 55

Model: S-300-7'

  Cutting Width 7'
  # of Knives 48
  H.P. Required 60