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Orchard LP Mower


The Orchard LP is Vrisimo’s premier flail mower ranges in size from 7’ – 15’. This mower is loaded with a 90 H.P. rated gearbox and equipped with heavy duty parts for longer life. Quick change hangers are standard for easy knife changes save you time and money. This mowers cutter drum is electronically balanced and is mounted to high capacity greaseable bearings. Wear liners are standard for longer life.

-  Wear liners standard.
-  Built heavy duty for long life.
-  Electronically balanced cutter drum.
-  Quick change hangers for easy knife changing.
-  3-point category 2 A-frame.  Center mount or offset.
-  540 PTO.
-  Adjustable rear roller.
-  3 knife choices.
-  Quick change hangers.


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Model: LP2084

  Cutting Width 7'
  Scoop Knives 40
  Weight 1,770 lbs
  H.P. Required 40

Model: LP2096

  Cutting Width 8'
  Scoop Knives 44
  Weight 1,890 lbs
  H.P. Required 45

Model: LP2108

  Cutting Width 9'
  Scoop Knives 48
  Weight 2,010 lbs
  H.P. Required 50

Model: LP2120

  Cutting Width 10'
  Scoop Knives 56
  Weight 2,140 lbs
  H.P. Required 50

Model: LP2132

  Cutting Width 11'
  Scoop Knives 60
  Weight 2,250 lbs
  H.P. Required 55